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Water Quality words

Potable Water drinking water
Safe Water water that can be use for bathing or cleaning
Contaminant a substance that contaminates another substance, the air, water, land,etc.
Substrate the use of water as a substance for organisms to grow and live
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) oxygen found dissolved in water
pH a measure of how acidic or basic water is
nitrates compounds of nitrogen and oxygen that naturally occur in water, but rise to unsafe levels when runoff adds animal wastes and fertilizers to the water source.
phosphates compounds of phosphorous and oxygen that increase to harmful levels in water when fertilizers run-off into them
turbidity a measure of the concentration of particles suspended in water. (how cloudy the water appears)
bio-indicators living organisms, plants or animals, native to an area that indicate the health of a body of water
macroinvertebrates water insects and some other organisms that naturally occur in a body of water
eutrophication a process when bodies of water receive excess nutrients that stimulate the growth of algae and plants. It results in the depletion of DO.
sewage the liquid and solid wastes flushed down toilets and poured down drains
EPA The Environmental Protection Agency
point source pollution that comes from a specific site
nonpoint source pollution that comes from many sources rather than one specific site
Clean Water Act act occurring in 1972 placing the EPA in charge of cleaning up and regulating dumping in Earth's waters.
pesticides chemicals used on plants to kill insects
herbicides chemical substances used to kill unwanted plants and weeds.
coliform bacteria found in the intestines and the fecal waste that can contaminate water supplies
run-off water that flows over land and into streams or storm drains as precipitation falls to the Earth carrying many substances with it
stewardship the wise use of our natural resources
economic trade-off sacrificing the environment or resources in order to gain money or finances
water treatment processing of water so that it can be used in homes or businesses or returned to water source after use
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