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Science Unit C

What is dilution? decreasing the concentration of the pollutant by adding something else.
What is biodegredation? Living things breaking down pollutants ie) earthworms, bacteria, fungi- break pollutants into smaller molecules.
What is phytoremeditataion? PLants getting rid of pollutants, some absorb and build up usually large amounts. ie) sunflowers can help elimitate pollutants
what is biomagnification? The concentration of a pollutant getting biggers as it goes up the food chain. ie) mercury entering a water system, fish eating eachother--> moves up food chain.
leachate Liquid that dissolves and carries substances as it passes through soil.
aerobic Environment that contains oxygen
Abaerobic Environment that contains NO Oxygen
Dilution Decreasing the concentration of the pollutant by adding something else.
Permeable something that stuff can go through
Dispersion Spreading out of a pollutant.
Created by: hubehannah