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MEd Term 10

Stupid med term

Alveol alvelous
bronch bronchus
bronchi bronchus
coni dust
cyan blue
lob lobe
mediastin mediastinum
ox oxygen
pleur pleura
pneum lung/air
pneumon lung/air
pulmon lung
spir breath
thorac chest
trache trachea
angi vessel
arterio artery
atel incomplete
carcin cancer
cardi heart
cyt cell
embol plug
fibr firbous
hem blood
ortho straight
py pus
al pertaining to
algia pain
ar pertaining to
ary pertaining to
centesis puncture
dynia pain
ectasis expansion
ectomy removal
genic producing
gram record
graph instrument to record
graphy recording
ia pertaining to
ic pertaining to
itis inflammation
logist one who studies
logy study of
meter measure
metry measuring
ole particle
oma tumor
osis abnormal conditon
ostomy mouth
otomy cut into
oxia oxygen
plasty repair
pne breathing
ptysis spitting
scope instrument to view
scopy process to examine
spasm titch
thorax chest
a without
an without
brady slow
dys abnormal
endo within
eu normal
hyper excessive
hypo insuffecient
tachy fast
Created by: TheFrog58