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Erosion Erosion is the transport of rock or soil in on of the three ways: Wind. Water. Ice.
Weathering Weathering is the actual breakdown of the material.
Transports Transports rock or soil fragments downstream. Fragments are carried or rolled along the bottom of a river.
Fast Fast water erodes rock or soil quickly.
Waves Waves transport rock fragments quickly along beaches.
Wind Erosion Wind erosion occurs every where, but much more in desert climates wind carries small fragments away slowly over time.
Beach Beach sand dunes are forms of erosion Wind moves sand onto and off beaches.
Dust Bowl of 1930 This is when erosion moved the dusty soil and destroyed much of the great plains of the united states which farmers were using for crops.
Vegetation Vegetation is plant, trees, shrubs, and flowers.
Windbreaks Windbreaks are now planted to stop soil erosion.
Created by: wouga03