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APES Water Pollution

What organisms would probably be found in the area marked 3 and higher? mayfly and stonefly larvae
What organisms would probably be found in the area between 1 and 2? gar, blackfly and midge larvae
When natural waters are overload with plant nutrients, such as nitrate and phosphate ions, they become eutrophic
Cultural eutrophicatiion results from human activity
_____ sources of water pollution are relatively easy to monitor and regulate while _______ sources of water pollution are difficult to monitor and cleanup. point; nonpoint
Coliform bacteria populations are routinely monitored in drinking water supplies, swimming pools, and at beaches because these bacteria indicate the presence of feces in water
Dioxins, pesticides, and polychlorinated biphenyls are all types of toxic organic compounds
The range of tolerance for temperature in an aquatic organism is likely to be _____ the tolerance range of a terrestrial organism. less than
in order to avoid producing thermal plumes, power plants often increase the efficiency of their energy use
The main reason that surface water pollution has largely decreased in the United States since 1950 is the Clean Water Act
In 1998, a change in the approach to water quality was initiated by _____ with an emphasis on _____ the EPA; watershed management
Feedlots are not a major cause of ____ in water oxygen
All of the following are examples of natural processes that are accelerated by human activities EXCEPT burning of fossil fuels
Aquifers are especially susceptible to contamination in all of these places EXCEPT if they in are deep
The following statements explain why contamination of aquifers is dangerous. WHich of the statements is false? Pollutantsare extremely stable once they contaminate an aquifer
Municipal sewage can be an excellent source of ______ that are otherwise expensive to mine useful metals
Created by: danat214