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Glossary of Terms

absolute value distance between a number and zero on the number line
acid any compound with a hydrogen ion activity greater than water (pH <7)
acidic solutions solutions that have a pH scale valuse less than 7
activation energy energy necessary for a chemical reaction
active verb verb that shows an action performed by the subject of the sentence
adaptation increase from generation to generation of alleles of genes that allows a species to survive in their environment
addition principle rule that makes it possible to move terms from one side of an equation to the other by adding opposites to each expression
adenosine triphosphate (ATP) cellular fuel; produced in the mitochondria
adjective descriptive word that modifies nouns and pronouns
adverb word modifying a verb, adjective, or other adverb indicationg when, how, where, why, or how much
alkane hydrocarbon with only single bonds (CnH2n+2)
alkene hydrocarbon with one double bond (CnH2n)
alkyne hydrocarbon with one triple bond (CnH2n-2)
alleles two or more different forms of certain gene
alveoli structure in the lungs that permits the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide to occur
amino acid building blocks of proteins
anatomical position a standard position in which that nody facing forward, the feet are parallel to each other, and the arms are at the sides with the palms facing forward
anatomy study of the structure of carious organs and body systems
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