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The History of the Earth in Fossils, Ice Cores and Rocks (Tabat-2014)

What part of Earth's history is shown by the analysis of ice cores? Changes in climate
What method do paleontologists use to determine the forms of life that existed millions of years ago? They examine fossils records
If a complete skeleton of a bird is found that can't be identified, what can be determined about the bird from this fossil? The bird existed at one time but is now extinct
How can you explain why several fossils of sea organisms were discovered buried deep in an area of dry land? The land was once underwater
What era is known as the "Age of Mammals?" Cenozoic era
If a researcher hypothesizes that the area was inhabited by small rodents. What would make him change his hypothesis? If he found fossils of marine organisms
What type of rock replaces bone and other hard organic materials to create rock molds of fossils? Sedimentary rock
What can be determined if you are studying a layer of rock containing fossils without the surrounding layers? The organisms that lived together during this time period
What can be gained by studying the fossilized tooth of a Megalodon shark? The differences from teeth of living sharks
How can ice cores provide scientists with evidence for climate change over a period of time? The concentration of gases in the ice core indicate colder or warmer temperatures
How can scientists conclude that a forested ecosystem existed in Antarctica millions of years ago? The fossil record
Why are index fossils used as guides to determine the age of rocks? Each index fossil lived during a specific geologic time period
In the fossil record, what conditions could be a reason for mass extinction? Falling sea levels and global cooling
Why are fossils most likely found in sedimentary rock samples? Sedimentary rocks are formed in layers that trap the material for fossilization
What are fossils an indicator of? Ancient environmental conditions
What do scientists study when investigating environmental changes over millions of years? The fossil records
What is the best evidence that the environment of Earth has changed over millions of years? Marine fossils found in the mountains
If Paleontologists construct a model of a dinosaur from its bones and teeth what can they determine about this dinosaur? Height of the dinosaur, length of the dinosaur and the type of food the dinosaur ate
If a paleontologist finds similar reptiles in the same rock layers in a cliff and none in the rocks above. What will this tell him about these reptiles? The reptiles either evolved into a new species or went extinct
What chemical compound is present in an ice core sample? Carbon dioxide
What type of rock contains index fossils? Sedimentary
What would most likely cause rock layers with seashells being found on top of a mountain higher than sea level? Faulting
How can scientists best determine when an ancient species became extinct? By organizing the rock layers in which the fossils were found
How are trilobite fossils helpful in understanding the distribution of living things throughout Earth's history? Trilobites were found worldwide and are signature creatures of the Paleozoic Era
Why would scientists want to analyze the air trapped in an ice core? To learn how the atmosphere changed over time
What does it indicate about the ages of the rocks when a scientist finds an index fossil in layers of rock in both Africa and South America? The rocks are approximately the same age
What characteristic of an extinct organism makes it best suited to be used as an index fossil? An organism that was commonly fossilized during a specific period of time
What does the presence of snail fossils that once thrived in savannahs approximately 130,000 years ago indicate when found in areas of Egypt that are now deserts? There was more humidity in the air 130,000 years ago in that area
Which carbon dioxide level preserved in an ice core has the highest concentration of CO2? 200 ppm CO2? 250 ppm CO2? 300 ppm CO2? Or 350 ppm CO2? 350 ppm CO2
If the Cenozoic Era is known as "Age of Recent Life," the Mesozoic Era is known as "Age of Medieval Life," and the Paleozoic Era is known as the "Age of Ancient Life" which era would be the oldest? The Paleozoic Era
Studies have shown that levels of CO2 levels have increased and decreased over the last 400,000 years. What can be inferred about global temperatures over the same time period? Temperatures have risen and dropped in a repeated pattern over the time period
Created by: ndmsteach