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BBC Pharm

BBC Pharm Chapter 5

Penicillins and cephlasporins action Inhibits peptide cell wall synthesis
Aminoglycoside drug names gentamycin, amkimycin, neomycin, streptomycin, tobramycin
Aminoglycoside MOA inhibit the ability to read RNA therefore inhibting protein synthesis
Aminoglycoside spectrum gram negative aerobes
Amingolycoside toxitiy ototoxity. Do not use in combo with furosemide will cause icnrease in ototoxxicity
Vancomycin MOA inhibits phospholipid plasma membrane synthesis and peptidoglycan polymerization. It inhibits cell wall synthesis
Vancomycin specturm MRSA
Quinolones MOA inhibits topoisomerase
Quinolone drug names Ciproflaxin, Levoflaxin. All end in flaxin
Quinolone toxitiy Contraindicated in those under 16 yrs old due to effects on joint and thos eover 60 due to tendon rupture.Increased QT interval and contraindicated with azoles, NNRTI, PIs, nicardipine, TCAs, anti-arrthmics, anti physcotics, and SSRIs
Chlorampheicol MOA inhibits peptidyl transferase which is necessary for protein synthesis. Protein synthesis inhibitor
Erythromycin MOA inhibits protein synthesis
Bacitracin MOA inhibits cell wall synthesis and used topically to avoid nephrotoxicity
Polymyxin antipsudeomonal agent most commonly in opthamolic preps
Carbapenems drug list and MOA all ending in penem. Powerful cell wall synthesis inhibitors. Superior resistance to beta lactamase
Carbapenem spectrum active against most Gram positive and mayn gram negatives including most enterobacteriae. Effective against both aerobic and anerobic bacteria
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