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Endocrine and Reprod

Many plants reproduce in this way Asexual Reproduction; When these plants produce offspring, a new plant that is identical to the parent plant is produced
The Primary function of the reproductive system to allow the production of offspring which prevents a species from going extinct
The advantage of sexually produced offspring they have a greater variation among other offspring
the major organs of the reproductive system Ovaries and testis
Similarities of the reproductive system and the DNA in the nucleus both pass on genetic traits
heredity the passing of genetic material from generation to the next generation
genetic information is stored here Chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell
glands the major organs of the endocrine system
major glands in the endocrine system Pituitary gland; pineal gland; thyroid gland; thymus; adrenal gland; pancreas; testis; ovary
what do the endocrine glands from the endocrine system do? secrete chemical messengers called hormones; these hormones are released and carried in the blood and travel throughout the entire body to target cells
The hormones released from the endocrine glands...... help regulate all the body systems to maintain homeostasis
important functions of the endocrine system to produce hormones that control growth, increase heart rate, and control blood sugar
glands are classified as an organ..... according to the levels of organization
an external stimuli is a change in the environment outside the human body
External stimuli trigger internal responses within a human.
examples of internal responses in a human resulting from external stimuli cold weather causes us to shiver to create body heat; our arm gets hit hard by a baseball and a bruise in our skin appears; a student screams loudly and your body reacts with increased breathing, increased heart rate, and tensed muscles
Created by: OboeLover