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Vocab 31

Latin II

altus high, deep [alta, altum]
angustus narrow [angusta, angustum]
ante before, in front of (+acc)
catena a chain
cliens a client
dux a leader
favor a favor
fraus a trick
haudquaquam not at all
idem the same [eadem, idem]
mos custom
neglego I neglect
neglegere to neglect
neglexi I neglected
oro I beg
orare to beg
oravi I begged
patronus a patron
praeco a herald
praetereo I pass by, go past
praeterire to pass by, go past
praeterii I passed by, went past
progressus having advanced [progressa, progressum]
publicus public
rationes accounts
reficio I repair
reficere to repair
refeci I repaired
seco I cut
secare to cut
secui I cut
serenus calm, clear
spero I hope, expect
sperare to hope, expect
speravi I hoped, expected
superbus arrogant, proud
tempus time
ubique everywhere
veho I carry
vehere to carry
vexi I carried
vincio I bind, tie up
vincire to bind, tie up
vinxi I bound, tied up
volvo I turn
volvere to turn
volvi I turned
in animo volvere to wonder, turn over in the mind
vultus an expression, face
Created by: Latin I