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culture packet ids

Capitoline Hill The highest hill which featured the Temple of Jupiter Capitoline and the citadel of Rome.
Palatine Hill a famous hill which contained the homes of wealthy Romans, later imperial palaces. Hill on which Rome was founded.
basilicae laws courts and business center
curia the senate house located in the forum
rostra the speaker’s platform located in the forum in front of the Curia
Forum the marketplace, contained shops, temples, law courts, the senate house and the speaker’s platform.
Via Appia aka the Regina viarum or queen of the roads, the oldest and most famous road. It connected Rome with Brundisium.
atrium spacious front hall beyond the entrance used as a reception room in the domus.
compluvium the opening in the atrium’s ceiling to let in light and air and rain water.
impluvium The marble pool under the compluvium which would catch the rain water.
tablinum the office of the master of the house, located opposite the entrance of the domus in full view of the atrium.
peristylium the colonnaded walkway surrounding the interior garden.
triclinium the dinning room, contained three couches and a table.
insulae the word for apartment houses
cubiculum bedroom
culina kitchen
colosseum arena in Rome where gladiators fought
Campus Martius the military practice field for the Roman army
Circus maximus the most famous chariot racetrack located in Rome
Praeomen your given name, first name.
cognomen a particular branch of the gens, the last name.
paedagogus an educated slave who tutored the children.
nomen the family name middle name
toga praetexta a toga with a purple border worn by aristocratic boys until 16, priests and magistrates.
toga virilis adult male toga
toga candida a pure white toga worn by a man seeking public office
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