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humanbody questions1

The femur and humerus are examples of what kind of bone Long
Bones that vary in shape like the vertebrae are called Irregular
Cube or nugget-shaped bones are called Short
What is a layer of tissue that covers the ends of the bone and absorbs impacts Cartilage
Where is cardiac muscle found heart
The protection of the body’s insides is the main function of the what? Skin
What protein helps speed up chemical digestion Enzymes
Which type of blood cell carries oxygen Red blood cells
Which type of blood cell fights infection White blood cells
Which type of blood vessel carries blood away from the heart Arteries
This muscle runs across the bottom of your chest cavity and helps you breathe. Diaphragm
What holds the urine until it leaves the body Bladder
The job of the excretory system is to Remove waste
Which body system is responsible for keeping pathogens from invading the body? Immune
Place where two bones meet Joint
Organ in the urinary system that filters blood kidney
Connective tissue that attaches skeletal muscle to bone tendon
What coats the stomach to protect it from stomach acid? mucus
What is the function of the skeletal muscle move bones
Muscles work in pairs. One muscle will ___________ and the other will ___________. contract, extend
Nails are a form of what modified hair
The central nervous system is composed of what spinal cord and brain
Nervous System that controls involuntary muscles like smooth and cardiac autonomic nervous system
Nervous System that controls voluntary muscles like skeletal somatic
Nerve cell, sends messages through the nervous system neuron
Layer of skin below the epidermis dermis
a small cavity where a hair grows from follicle
Created by: KallyEvans