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medical vocabulary

Anatomy and physiology

I went to the gym and burned a lot of calories metabolism
A communication of cycles feedback loop
The doctor gave her the outcome of her disease prognosis
She came in with her blood pressure low this is called bradycardia
The doctor prescribed her to take her med as needed p.r.n.
To see with the naked eye gross anatomy
When the patient came in I had to collect this vital sign
Brad son had to get a this due to him having asthma CXR
The body being balance is called homeostasis
My uncle had a condition with his kidneys nephritis
A gland in your body that control your temperature hypothalamus
The doctors identified the illness diagnosis
Her blood pressure and temp was lower than normal set point
a unit of measure liter
The study of the tissue histology
A bunch of symptoms at the same time syndrome
The doctor had to use this to look inside her joint arthroscope
Cause of the disease etiology
The patient came in with blue colored hands this is known for acrocyanosis
The patient was placed on this due to him not being able to swallow NPO
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