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Evolution (Mayfield)

How do scientists use DNA as evidence for evolution? DNA is a code. If the codes are similar then that is evidence that the evidence that the organisms are related
What is the human appendix an example of? Vestigial structure
What is genotype? Genes
What is phenotype? Physical characteristics
How is genotype related to phenotype? Genotype directly affects phenotype
What is natural selection? Survival of the fittest
What traits does the natural selection process protect? It protects the best traits because organisms with best traits are successful. They survive, reproduce and pass on genes and traits to offspring.
What are the 3 main types of adaptations? Physiological, Structural, Behavioral
What does the physiological adaptation mean? How the body works (venom)
What does the structural adaptation mean? Shape of the body (giraffe neck)
What does the behavior adaptation mean? How an organism behaves (bird building a nest)
What is a homologous structure? Same structure, not necessarily the same function (cat and human arm)
What are adaptations? Traits that help organisms survive in a given environment
What type of adaptation allows you to regulate body temperature? Physiological
What can scientists use to determine the evolutionary relationship between two species? Bone structure, fossils, DNA
How do embryos help scientists determine evolutionary relationships? Scientists study early developmental stages to see if they are similar (gill pouches in humans, turtles, salamanders and fish)
What is a analogous structure? Different structure, same function (bird wing vs. butterfly wing)
What is a vestigial structure? Structure with no purpose in organisms survival (human appendix)
What is embryology? The study of embryos
Some species of snakes have hip bones, what structure is this known as? Vestigial structure
Are all mutations deadly? No
What does evolution lead to? Diversity or variety of species
Does evolution happen over a long or short period of time? Long period of time
What is required for organisms to in the same species? Similar characteristics as well as be able to mate and reproduce
What type of adaptation is a black widows ability to inject its prey with venom? Physiological
What type of adaptation explains cacti having spines to protect them from predators? Structural
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