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Music Exam 1

Disjunct motion Motion of a melody by skips
Conjunct motion Motion of a melody by steps
Phrase Portion of melody with a resting point at the end
Motive Small segment of a melody
Interval Distance between pitches
Beat Underlying pulse of the music
Tempo Speed of the music
Meter The number that determines how many beats there are per measure and of what length
Rhythm The actual value of each notes in succession
Harmony The vertical aspect of music, chord, pitches sounded together
Melody The tune, notes one after another
Flat Lowers the pitch by half a semitone
Sharp Raises the pitch by half a semitone
Downbeat The first beat of the group
Monophonic texture One musical line at a time
Polyphonic texture Multiple independent melodic lines
Homophonic Multiple musical lines moving at the same rhythm
Measure A group of beats marked off by a vertical line
Tone color The different color of different instruments and voices even on the same pitch
Dynamics The volume of the music
Octave 8 notes above the said note so that it is the same letter
Consonance Notes that sound well together
Dissonance Notes that sounds harsh together
Fundemental pitch The sound vibrating at its full length
Imitative polyphony Each voice imitates the previous voice but at different pitches
Theme Reoccuring/main melody
Antiphonal One half of the choir alternates with the other half of the choir similar to question and answer
Counterpoint The musical term for composing simultaneous independent melodies
Strophic All verses are sung to the same music
Kyrie The first part of the Ordinary of the Mass
Gloria The second part of the Ordinary of the Mass
Gregorian chant Latin texts sung in unison by men's or women's voices without accompaniment
Liturgy The complete round of ceremonies and rituals that make up a sacred service
Melismatic Many notes sung each syllable
Neumatic 2-3 notes for a syllable
Syllabic One note for each syllable
Organum One or many voices accompany one voice
Proper Ceremonial music happens only during certain times of year, ie Christmas music
Sequences Extended poems appended to the Alleluia
Consort music English name for ensemble music
Point of imitation When each voice enters using the same motive
Cadence An effective musical close
Canon A continuous imitation
Cantus firmus Preexisting chant or fixed melody in which other voices weave melodies around it
Suspension Note held over a preceding consonance that becomes dissonant with the new harmony
Motet Melody accompanying a chant
Basso continuo Continuous bassline and chords
Castrato Male voice who was castrated before his voice changed
Libretto Text of an opera
Recitative Type of opera
Toccata Instrumental showpiece, most often for keyboard instrument
Overtone Pitch created by the secondary vibrations of a string
Partial A pitch of the harmonic series
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