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4t Science Astronomy

Chapter 9 Astronomy

Which of the heavenly bodies gives us your 7 day week God
Which heavenly body helps us decide our 12 months moon
Dark objects ______ heat and light absorb
the sun is made of _____ _______ only gases
in 1969 American astronauts landed on the ______ moon
the gravity of the _____ keeps the planets orbiting the sun sun
When the moon is between the sun and the earth we see a _____ _____ new moon
what day did God create the sun, moon, and stars? day 4
what day did God create the land animals and man? day 6
what day did God create the birds and water animals? day 5
what day did God create the day and night? day 1
what day did God create the atmosphere or firmament? day 2
what day did God create the land? day 3
what heavenly bodies gives us our year into twelve months? moon
What is the name of the 12 most important star pictures that encircle the earth? zodic
What do we call the true science of the stars and other heavenly bodies? astronomy
Which galaxy do we live in? milky way
What movement of the earth gives us a year? one revolution
what are star pictures called? constellations
What movement of the earth gives us a day? one rotation
What do we call all the things which God created? universe (uni mind)
what do we call the sun and the nine planets? solar system
name the planets in order from the sun (don't count the sun.) Mercury, Venus, Earth,(with liberty and justice for all.......) Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
we have seasons because the Earth is tilted on its ______ axis
How many hours are there in a day 23 and 56 minutes ( or maybe its 58 minutes)
How many days are there in one year 365 1/4 days
The galaxy in which our sun is located Milky way
the red planet Jupiter
a planet with the most rings Saturn (actually most of the planets have rings
the only planet with life Earth
on average how far is the sun from the earth 93 Million miles
what do light-colored objects do to heat and light reflect
which of the heavenly bodies is the smallest? : the sun, moon or the Earth moon
which of the following is on the moon? : air sound mountains or plants mountains
the _____ ______ is part of the constellation the Great bear Big dipper
When you are facing the North Star ____ is to your left west
Holes on the surface of the moon are called _______ craters
Created by: nelsonclan