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Stafford I, Ch 5-6

Vocab Ch 5-6

clamo, clamare, clamavi, clamatus to shout
do, dare, dedi, datus to give
rogo, rogare, rogavi, rogatus to ask
specto, spectare, spectavi, spectatus to watch
iaceo, iacere, iacui, iacitus to lie
respondeo, respondere, respondi, responsus to answer
dico, dicere, dixi, dictus to speak
emo, emere, emi, emptus to buy
pono, ponere, posui, positus to put, place
trado, tradere, tradidi, traditus to hand over
advenio, advenire, adveni, adventus to arrive
facio, facere, feci, factus to make do
hortus, -i, m. garden
unus, -a, -um one
duo, duae, duo two
tres, tria three
alius, alia, aliud other, another
bonus, -a, -um good
malus, -a, -um bad
statim at once
quid? what?
nec/neque and not, nor
per+acc through, throughout
in+acc into, onto
in+abl in, on
cum+alb with
e/ex+alb out of
a/ab+abl from, away from
debeo, debere, debui, debitus ought, must
doceo, docere, docui, doctus to teach
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussus to order
constituo, constituere, constitui, constitutus to decide
dimitto, dimittere, dimisi, dimissus to send away, dismiss
ludo, ludere, lusi, lusus to play
scribo, scribere, scripsi, scriptus to write, draw
cupio, cupere, cupivi, cupitus to desire, want
eo, ire, ii, itus (irr.) to go
exeo, exire, exii, exitus (irr.) to go out
ianua, -ae, f. door
littera, -ae, f. letter
magister, magistri, m. master
domus, -i, f. home
ceteri, ceterae, cetera the others, the rest
meus, -a, -um my
tuus, -a, -um your
ego, mei I
tu, tui you
celeriter quickly
diligenter carefully, hard
iterum again
itaque and so
nec...nec or neque...neque neither...nor
prope+acc. near
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