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5 Science Chapter 6

force a push or pull; necessary for motion
gravity the force of attraction that exists between any pair of objects
matter anything that takes up space & has mass & weight
contact force the force that occurs when object pushes against another
friction the force that resists motion
lodestones a piece of naturally magnetized iron ore
work the result of a force moving an object
energy the ability to do work
chemical energy a special form of potential energy stored in the bonds that hold molecules & chemical compounds together; released as heat
kinetic energy energy of motion
potential energy stored energy
transfer of energy occurs when one object gives some or all of its energy to another object
engine a device that converts energy from a natural source into useful work
condenser a device that converts gases or vapors to a liquid state
combustion burning
fluid a substance that can flow from one place to another; such as a liquid or gas
cylinder of an engine, a hollow, cylinder-shaped compartment in which a piston moves back & forth
piston a disk that moves back & forth inside a hollow cylilnder
octane number a number indicating the anti-knock quality of a gasoline
turbine a wheel of curved blades that spins a drive shaft; changes the force exerted by things such as wind or pressurized gases into rotary motion
turbofan a jet engine with a large fan at the very front
turboprop a jet engine used to power a propeller
ramjet a jet engine that can a function only at high speeds because it has no turbine
missile a guided military rocket
payload the cargo that is carried in the nose of rocket
attract opposite poles or charges __________ each other when they are brought close together
repel like poles or charges ________ each other when they are brought close together
wind power sails, windmills & wind turbines are devices that harness this kind of power
water wheel device developed to harness the power of moving water
gas and liquids states of matter that have no permanent shape
diffusion tendency of gases to spread themselves out thinly
melting point temperature at which a solid changes into a liquid
freezing poing temperature at which a liquid changes into a solid
32 degree Fahrenheit temperature of melting and freezing point of water
boiling point temperature at which a liquid changes into a gas
condensation point temperature at which a gas changes into a liquid
212 degree Fahrenheit temperature of boiling and condensation point of water
diesel type of internal combustion engine that produces no spark
rocket type of engine that carries its own supply of oxygen
oxidants oxygen rich compounds
propellant fuel & oxidants that combine to form expanding gases which pus h the rocket forward
solid fuel rocket type of rocket that use propellants
liquid fuel rocket type of rocket that burns a liquid fuel after mixing it with a liquid oxygen
Created by: Mrs_CC