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Music in Culture

Exam 1

Indian musical fragment Raga
Very slow Adagio
Quintessential Baroque composer; died in 1750 J.S Bach
Presence of specific home note (tonic) Key
Quite fast and lively Vivace
Two or more melodies with or without accompaniment Polyphony
Symbol of musical duration Note
Strong or loud Forte
Harsh sounding Dissonance
How one uses musical elements style
Very fast presto
Single musical line monophony
most used scale in Western music major
getting louder crescendo
speed of the beat tempo
five lines for writing music staff
Indian bamboo flute venu
"home note" tonic
sad sounding scale minor scale
Struck instruments percussion
one accompanied melody homophony
regular pattern of strong and weak beats meter
using all the "colors" notes chromatic
musical pulse beat
two or more notes together harmony
relationship of musical layers texture
type of melody or soprano lyric
Created by: Flidisha