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Othello Book Review

Othello book review

What did Othello mean when he said, "loved not wisely but too well"? He'd been blinded by strong passion.
Desdemona's father is: Brabantio
Which nation threatens the Venetians? Turkey and the Turkish people
Why was Roderigo listening to Iago's lies? He was in love with Desdemona
Why did Iago believe he deserved a promotion more than Cassio did? He was more experienced in the military
What motivates Othello to hate his wife? Rumors that Othello slept with Emilia
What two characters are consumed with deadly jealousy? Othello and Iago
The play takes place in what two locations? Cyprus and Venice
Which characters are NOT dramatic foils to each other? Desdemona & Emilia Iago & Cassio Othello & Cassio Othello & Iago Desdemona and Emilia
What to innocent people were unjustly accused? Desdemona and Cassio
To Othello, what does the handkerchief symbolize? faithfulness in their marriage
Who hits Desdemona? Othello
What convinced Brabantio to drop charges against Othello when he first heard Othello married Desdemona? Desdemona's love for Othello
Who ruled Cyprus after Othello's death? Cassio
Who stabbed Emilia with his sword? Iago
Why did Othello call for a celebration when returning from his ship? They sunk the Turkish ships
What does Cassio do with Desdemona's handkerchief? He gives it to Bianca to copy
How does Iago make Cassio "quick to argue"? He gets Cassio drunk
Out of all the characters, which character is not Italian? Othello
What would be the proper epithet for Othello? Othello, the Moor
Who inherited Othello's property after he died? Gratiano
True or false, Othello is gullible True
What does Iago recognize as Cassio's main flaw or fault? He can not hold much liquor - alcohol
Why wasn't Othello a perfect choice of husband? Othello is old and he is black
How does Iago harm Emilia? By stabbing her when she tells Othello that Iago is to blame for the lies.
How does Iago harm Cassio? By stabbing him from behind, pretending to help Roderigo
How does Iago harm Roderigo? By stabbing him while he is trying to kill Cassio
How does Iago harm Bianca? By trying to blame the stabbings of Roderigo and Cassio on her
How does Iago harm Othello? By telling lies and getting him to believe Desdemona has been unfaithful
What four characters are killed in the book Othello? Desdemona, Emilia, Roderigo, and Othello
How does Othello die? He stabs himself after finding out that Desdemona was truly faithful to him.
Created by: tobiashersey