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Absolute confidence in oneself Aplomb
brilliancy of achievement éclat
enthusiasm élan
boredom ennue
devotion to a group or to its ideals esprit de corps
skill in handling a difficult situation finesse
artful trick (think magician) legerdemain
feeling of bodily discomfort/illness malaise
principle that persons of high rank or birth are obliged to act nobly noblesse oblige
relationship characterized by harmony, conformity, or affinity rapport
composure(coolness of mind in difficult circumstances) sangfroid
knowledge of just what to say or do; tact savoir faire
good-bye adieu
Good-bye/till we meet again au revoir
love letter billet-doux
clever saying/witty remark bon mot
pamphlet brochure
false rumor/hoax canard
worn-out expression cliché
between us; confidentially entre nous
best word answer mot juste
pen name/nick name nom de plume
brief summary précis
skill of replying quick, clever, and funny (witty reply) repartee
summary of qualifications/experience résumé
answer to an accusation, typically in a sharp, angry, or wittily incisive manner(retort) riposte
private conversation between 2 people tête-à-tête
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