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Respiratory - 155

Respiratory Disorders

Chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways that results in intermittent and reversible airflow obstruction of the bronchioles Asthma
The cause of asthma is _________________. unknown
Manifestations of asthma - Mucosal edema - Bronchoconstriction - Excessive mucus production
Four categories that asthma diagnoses are classified into Mild intermittent Mild persistent Moderate persistent Severe persistent
Asthma classification where symptoms occur less than twice a week Mild intermittent
Asthma classification where symptoms arise more than twice a week but not daily Mild persistent
Asthma classification where daily symptoms occur in conjunction with exacerbations twice a week Moderate persistent
Asthma classification where symptoms occur continually, along with frequent exacerbations that limit the client's physical activity and quality of life Severe persistent
Encourage _____________ & ______________ vaccinations for all clients who have asthma and especially for the older adult. influenza flu
Triggering agents to avoid for asthma Environmental factors, air pollutants, strong odors(perfume), seasonal allergens, perrenial allergens, stress, emotional distress, medications(aspirin, NSAIDS, beta-blockers, cholinergics), enzymes, chemicals, sinusitis w/postnasal drip, viral RTI
Information to obtain from patient regarding current and previous asthma exacerbations Onset & duration, precipitating factors, changes in medication regimen, meds that relieve symptoms, other meds taken, self-care methods to relieve symptoms
ABG's with asthma 1) Hypoxemia 2) Hypocarbia 3) Hypercarbia 1) decreased PaO2 < 80mm Hg 2) decreased PaCO2 < 35 mm Hg - early in attack 3) increased PaCO2 >45mm Hg - later in attack
Created by: cholley