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Exam 1-Courts

Most influential actor in the court room? Prosecutor
Trial with a judge without a jury? Bench Trial
Operation of two systems of court that are rseperate? Dual Court System
Coersive power practices is a violation of this due process? Fundamental Fairness
Edwin Southerten made differential association and also term white collar crime
Packer Creater of Crime Control
Characteristics of Crime Control Model Concern for protecting society
Overalll conviction rate for felonies? 90%
How many supreme court cases do they take? 85
Which of the follwing does not take place in arrainment? Discussion of probable cause
Federal government and most states have made 2 levels of courts Intermediate and Supreme
These motions contends that police have conducted an illegal search and seizure or got an illegal confession Motion to Suppress
Key characteristics of common law Based on justice
Burden of proof required in a civil case? Preponderance of the evidence
Which of the following is not an element of a crime? Guilty Conscious
Means Rea means Guilty Mind
Amendment for search and seizure 4th amendment
2 Amendment discuss due process? 5th and 14th
Unlike other state laws exception is Lousiana/ Napolean
Primany justification for providing constitutional safeguards in the criminal justice process to ensure what? Innocent are not harassed or imprisoned
Highest level of burden of proof? Beyond a reasonable doubt
This amendment guarantees right to council 6th Amendment
Party who initiates a civil suit is called Plaintiff
Infancy and Insanity differences Lack of mens rea/excuses
2 adversary actors in the Criminal Justice System? Prosecutor and Defense Attorneys
As per Miranda Rights (Miranda V. Arizona) 384 U.S. 486 (1966) Volume is 384
Previous cases in a court system? Precident
Which of the following does not meet the requirement of actus reaus Contemplation
Prisoners seek rights under which amendment? 8th Amendment- Cruel and Unusual
Level of proof for an officer to conduct a brief stop and frisk? Reasonable suspicion
US has a dual court system? State and Federal
Whic his true of appellate courts? Decisions are made by a group of judges not by themselves
What federal court has original jurisdiction between states? Supreme Court
Rule of four is? Permits four of the nine justices to grant a writ of certiorari
Which of the follwing give US Supreme Courts to have a law invalid in the constitutions? Judicial Review/ statuatory law invalidated in Marbury V. Madison
Prisoners are alllowed to file federal lawsuits except Clemency
20% of federal prosectuions are for Drugs
Responsabilities of US Sentencing Commission includes which of the following? Recommending to congress appropriate modifications of substative criminal law and sentencing procedures
This type of prisoner petition seek court order to do something for the plaintiff Write of madamus
This doctrine allows state and federal prosecution for the same crime without activating double jeoperdy? Dual Soveregnty
JP courts and municipal courts are similar in the folowing ways Both are lower courts
With of the following is consisten with court modification All of the above
What are three strikes law? 3 crimes that are commited
Ewing V California us supreme court upheld valifornias 3 strikes laws for? All of the above
Which of tWhich of the following is true on drug courts? Courts assume that drug treatment will work
Which of the folliowing allows with the imposition on tougher laws? All of the above
What courts called in most rural areas?? Justice of the Peace Courts
What courts were created for a similar growth intermediate courts of appeals
Created by: Vale123
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