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stress, coping, ill

patho exam 1

What is a stressor? any factor that disturbs homeostasis, producing stress
What is homeostasis? maintenance of a constant stable environment within the body
what is alllostasis? Is the process of achieving stability, or homeostasis, through physiological or behavioral change
What did Hans Seyle look at when looking at stress? only looked at physiological stressors
What are the three GAS stages of stress? Alarm, action, exhaustion
what does the first stage of stress involve? CNS-CRH (hypothalamus) response
what does the second stage of stress involve? Entire neuroendocrine response (if successful recovery)
what does the third stage of stress involve? Progressive breakdown of compensatory responses
when does a stress response occur? when demands greater than person’s ability to cope
what does Endogenous mean? inside body
what does Exogenous mean? outside body, environmental
what are the organs involved in the HPA axis? hypothalamus, anterior pituitary, adrenal glands
What are the hormones involved in the HPA axis? Corticotropin releasing hormone (released by hypothalamus); ACTH (secreted by anterior pituitary); cortisol (secreted by adrenal gland)
what is the inflammatory/immune shift? Increase in cortisol/NE/Epi causes a DECREASE in Th1 cells while at the same time an INCREASE in Th2 cells
what do Th1 cells do? Promote cellular immunity to protect the body from intracellular antigens
what do Th2 cells do? Produce antibodies that protect the body from extracellular antigens
What does Th1 secrete? IL-2, IL-12, TNFa, INF-y
Created by: jmgrier90