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Infinitive or -ing

Verbs, adjectives and structures followed by the infinitive and the -ing form

admit admit + ing The accused admitted being guilty as charged but added he had only disclosed the documents of the company so the shareholders learnt the truth about their financial situation.
appreciate appreciate + ing Despite not winning, the director appreciated being nominated for the award because it showed his work was well-liked.
avoid avoid + ing He avoided mentioning any names but he gave all the facts about what had happened.
can't help can't help + ing He couldn't help overhearing the conversation and that's how he found out how dangerous it all was.
celebrate celebrate + ing The students celebrated finishing their exams by going on a camping trip to the mountains.
consider consider + ing When finishing his degree, he considered working for an ONG but when that giant corporation showed him the figure that would be written on his paycheck, he went to work for them.
delay delay + ing The firm delayed launching the new product because the last tests showed the formula still needed some tweaking.
deny deny + ing The actor denied having drunk before coming to the set, but his breath betrayed him.
detest detest + ing Although Mafalda detests eating soup, many children actually like it.
discontinue discontinue + ing The CEO announced the company would discontinue financing the project due to lack of funds.
discuss discuss + ing They discussed moving to a new country where their project could have better chances of success.
endure endure + ing The first pilgrims endured living in an inhospitable land but eventually they adapted to the new environment.
feel like feel like + ing Susan didn't feel like going on an excursion last Sunday so we called it off.
imagine imagine + ing Imagine being president for a day, what would you do?
justify justify + ing The manager justified charging his journey to the Bahamas to the company on the grounds that he had met some prospective clients there.
keep (= continue) keep + ing Disregarding all medical advise, the famous sportswoman kept practicing karate despite the advanced state of her pregnancy.
mention mention + ing I recall they mentioned going to a theatre play last week: the name is the tip of my tongue but I cannot recollect it...
mind (= object to) mind + ing I wouldn't mind having to come here again next year: it's been a fantastic experience.
postpone postpone + ing They have postponed going to the mountain until the snow alert is over.
propose propose + ing When they proposed coming again for a second meeting, the principal quickly answered that it wouldn't be necessary.
recall recall + ing When she smelt the scent of the plants along the path, she recalled having taken a similar walk as a child.
recommend recommend + ing He recommended taking the underground to avoid the traffic.
report report + ing The policeman reported finding a suspect wandering around the shopping center in the middle of the night.
resent resent + ing The manager resented being less popular than his predecessor so he resigned.
risk risk + ing They risked coming to the meeting despite the dangers it entailed.
agree agree + to infinitive They have agreed to review the terms of the contract so it complies with the new regulations.
appear appear + to-infinitive It appears to be a very simple case, so I hope it'll be solved before the week ends.
arrange arrange + to-infinitive They arranged to meet in three months to see how everything was going.
ask be asked + to-infinitive She was asked to give a speech to inaugurate the exhibition but her busy schedule prevented her from accepting.
attempt attempt + to-infinitive Jane promised she would attempt to pitch the idea to the editor, but she doubted it would be accepted to be featured in the magazine.
choose choose + to-infinitive If they choose to come we will greet them with open arms.
consent consent + to-infinitive The union should never consent to sign the terms the company is offering: it would mean the ruin of many employees.
decide decide + to-infinitive Being now responsible for this project, I have decided to implement a new plan of action, as detailed in your folders.
deserve deserve + to-infinitive She's such a hard-working student that she deserved to pass the course: I hope her exam results are good.
expect expect + to-infinitive The crisis is expected to finish soon, but there are no real signs of recovery yet.
fail fail + to-infinitive They failed to do their duty and thus were accused of negligence.
grow grow + to-infinitive After twenty years, they had grown to love each other despite being in an arranged marriage.
hesitate hesitate + to-infinitive Air controllers must be wide awake while they are at work and they cannot hesitate to take the necessary actions or it will be disastrous.
hope hope + to-infinitive All the contestants hoped to be the next Master-chef so they cooked a dish to the best of their ability.
intend intend + to-infinitive He keeps saying he intends to study for his exam, but so far he has found every excuse available to do the opposite.
learn learn + to-infinitive When you have learnt to drive, give us a call and we'll interview you for the job.
manage manage + to-infinitive They managed to live on a small salary and their children were always well-cared for.
plan plan + to-infinitive She planned to break the journey in several legs with the idea of getting to know the area better.
pretend pretend + to-infinitive "I'm sorry but I can't pretend to like this when I don't. You'll have to search for another actress to do this publicity stunt."
promise promise + to-infinitive They promised to visit us again as soon as they have completed their course assignments.
refuse refuse + to-infinitive The workers refused to accept the new terms proposed by the CEO and expressed their disapproval going on strike.
seem seem + to-infinitive It seemed to be a good idea at the time, but competition is fierce and regrettably we have to close our little shop.
struggle struggle + to-infinitive They struggled to get outside their country hoping they'd find a better future for their children on the other side of the border.
swear swear + to-infinitive You shouldn't have sworn to do it if you didn't have the slightest intention of carrying it through.
volunteer volunteer + to-infinitive A lot of people volunteered to do the job, yet when the deadline arrived the project was still unfinished.
would like/ love/ hate... would like/ love/ hate... They'd love to come but unfortunately their job doesn't leave them much free time and they won't be able to make it.
yearn yearn + to-infinitive After two years of isolation to test that Mars experiment, they were yearning to go back home.
begin begin + ing / to-infinitive When the curtains opened, the choir began singing / to sing.
forget --> action that has been performed but is no longer recalled forget + ing In his old age, he forgot ever having written a book.
forget --> action that has NOT been performed because the subject did not remember it had to be done forget + to-infinitive He was so busy with his work that he forgot to pick up his suit from the dry-cleaner's so he went to the gala in jeans.
remember --> An action is performed and it is later recalled. remember + ing In his old age, he remembered travelling all around the globe and he would narrate his adventures to any passer-by willing to lend him a sympathetic ear.
remember --> the speaker remembers something needs to be done and then performs it. remember + to-infinitive You didn't remember to post the letters because you hadn't noted it down in your agenda.
Try --> giving a suggestion try + ing Try using milk: I've always heard it's an effective way to clean ink stains.
Try --> make an effort Try + to-infinitive I tried to study yesterday but I was too nervous thinking about our trip next week and I just couldn't focus on the exercises.
Stop --> finish completely stop + ing You should stop damaging your health with that annoying habit of yours.
Stop --> momentary pause to perform a different action stop + to-infinitive We should stop to have lunch and go for a walk: I'm sure our ideas will be better after a break.
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