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review of mastery list 1st conjugation

aedifico build
ambulo walk
amo like
appello call
appropinquo draw near
armo arm
circumdo surrond
clamo shout
comparo prepare
confirmo strengthen
convoco summon
curo take care of
do give
dubito hesitate
existimo think
expugno take by storm
exspecto wait for
habito inhabit
impero command
incito urge on
laboro work
laudo praise
libero set free
loco place
narro tell
navigo sial
nuntio announce
occupo seize
oppugno attack
oro beg; pray
paro prepare
porto carry
postulo demand
propero hasten
pugno fight
puto think
rogo ask
servo save
specto look at; watch
spero hope
sto stand
supero conquer
tempto try
transporto carry over
vasto lay waste
vigilo be awake; watch
vito avoid
volo fly
vulnero wound
Created by: nickjosephh



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