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North America

NA review

These are the 5 advantages of rivers and lakes Transportation hydroelectric power irrigation fresh water fisheries
How did the 1st inhabitants of the area of North America arrive? Beringia
how much of the nations population is located in the Northeast? twenty percent
When several large cities grow together megalopolis
What allowed humans to make settlements permanent? agriculture
People adapted to the cold by building underground areas in which city? Montreal
Urban sprawl created pollution problems and inadequate water supply in which city? Los Angeles
The national highway system promoted heavy reliance on what? automobiles
the Northeast is also known as New England
The Midwest is also known as American Heartland and Breadbasket
What are the two major trails across North America? Santa Fe and Oregon
Our abundant inland water and oceans encouraged the development of which two industries? fishing and shipping
What does the central location of the midwest allow? trade transportation and distribution
What effects did the abundance of natural resources have on the US? industrialization
This was the first major economic activity of the south agriculture
What allowed the south to industrialize in the 1950s? air conditioning
the south is also known as the Sunbelt
Which parts of the west are sparsely populated? deserts
What allowed many inland cities to develop in the west? Colorado River
What caused the dust Bowl Drought misuse of land dust storms
how long did the Dust Bowl last? seven years
This is the most urban and industrialized area in the world Northeast
Farms are declining and urban areas and expanding in this area Midwest
The climate in this region is attracting tourism, manufacturing, service industries and retirees South
Air conditioning and irrigation helped this region to develop West
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