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Study Guide 4-6

internist a specialist that gives you a thorough physical exam, using an impressive array of tests
gynecologists a specialist that treats the female reproductive and sexual organs
obstetrician a specialist that delivers babies & take care of mothers during & immediately after the pregnancy
pediatrician a specialist who limits his practice to youngsters, taking care of babies
dermatologist a specialist who treats all skin diseases
ophthalmologist a physician who specialty is disorders of the vision
orthopedist a specialist who deals with the skeletor structure of the body
cardiologist a specialist who treats disorders of the heart & circulatory system
neurologist a physician who specializes in the treatment of disorders of the brain, spinal cord and rest of the nervous system
psychiatrist a specialist who attempts to alleviate mental and emotional disturbances by means of various techniques
pedagogy leading of children
demagoguery one who attempts, in essence, to mislead people
hypodermic where needles penetrate under the skin
taxidermy to prepare stuffs and mounts to animal skin
pachyderm an animal with an unusually thick skin
dermatitis skin inflammation, irritation or infection
monocle a lens for one
binoculars field glasses that increase the range of two eyes
optician fills an optometrist's or ophthalmologist's prescriptions, grinding lens according to specifications, they do not exam patients
optics study of light and vision
cardiogram an electrically produced record of the heart beat
neurosis various mental and emotional disorders
psychosis a full-blown mental disorder
geriatric the specialty dealing with the particular medical needs of the elderly
intern a medical graduate serving an apprenticeship inside a hospital
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