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Science: Scientist

Alexander Graham Bell Inventor of the first telephone in 1876
Henry Ford Created the first moving assembly line and the first U.S. auto called the Model T.
Johanne Gutenberg Inventor of the printing press in 1436
Farmsworth Inventor of the first TV
Louis Pasteur Scientist who developed the pasteurization process and the rabies vaccine
Samuel Morse Invented one of the first telegraphs and the Morse Code
Eli Whitney Invented the Cotton Gin
William Roentgen Discovered X-Rays
Robert Goddard Responsible for the first rocket launch
Thomas Edison Improved the light bulb, first power generating station, over 1,093 patents
Anton Leevonhook Scientist how first saw bacteria under a microscope
George Washington Carver Improved farming practices and introduced peanut crop
Orville and Wilbur Wright Known for the first airplane flight in Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903
Ben Franklin Founding father and scientist who discovered connection between lighting and electricity
Carl Benz Improved early gasoline engines and invented first automobile
James Watt Improved the steam engine
Marie curie First woman to win 2 Nobel prizes
Galileo Improved the first telescope and heliocentric theory
Pattent Legal document that protects the rights of the inventor
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