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Arthropoda Classes


Order Collembola Antennae with four to six segments; compound eyes absent; abdomen with six segments, most with springing appendage on fourth segment; inhabit soil and leaf litter.
Order Thysanura Tapering abdomen; flattened; scales on body; terminal cerci; long antennae; ametabolous metamorphosis.
Order Odonata Elongate, membranous wings with netlike venation; abdomen long and slender; compound eyes occupy most of head; hemimetabolous metamorphosis.
Order Orthoptera Forewing long, narrow, and leathery; hindwing broad and membranous; chewing mouthparts; hemimetabolous metamorphosis.
Order Dermaptera Elongate; chewing mouthparts; threadlike antennae; abdoment with unsegmented forcepslike cerci; hemimetabolous metamorphosis.
Order Isoptera Workers white and wingless; front and hindwings of reproductives of equal size; reproductives and some soldiers may be sclerotized; abdomen broadly joins thorax; social; hemimetabolous metamorphosis.
Order Coleoptera Forewings sclerotized, forming covers (elytra) over the abdomen; hindwings membranous; chewing mouthparts; the largest insect order; holometaboulous metamorphosis.
Order Hemiptera True Bugs. Piercing-sucking mouthparts; mandibles and first maxillae styletlike and lying in grooved labiam; wings membranous; hemimetabolous metemorphosis.
Order Lepidoptera Wings broad and covered with scales; mouthparts formed into a sucking tube; holometabolous metamorphosis.
Order Diptera Mesothoracic wings well developed; metathoracic wings reduced to knoblike halteres; variously modified but never chewing mouthparts; holometabolous metamorphosis.
Order Hymenoptera Wings membranous with few veins; well-developed ovipositor, sometimes modified into a sting; mouthparts modified for biting and lapping; social and solitary species; holometabolous metamorphosis.
Order Siphonaptera Laterally flattened, sucking mouthparts; jumping legs; parasites of birds and mammals; holometabolous metamorphosis.
Order Siphonaptera Fleas
Order Hymenoptera Ants, bees, wasps
Order Diptera Flies
Order Lepidoptera Moths, butterflies
Order Hemiptera Bugs, cicada, leafhoppers, aphids
Order Coleoptera Beetles
Order Isoptera Termites
Order Dermaptera Earwigs
Order Orthoptera Grasshoppers, crickets, katydids
Order Odonata Dragonflies, damselflies
Order Thysanura Silverfish
Order Collembola Springtails
Created by: pace_sauce