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Bio- Evol and more

Biological Evolution

This prinicple of natural selection is when an organism has an adaptation that allows it to be successful, survive, reproduce and create more of its kind. selection
This is a trait that is NOT passed down through genetics, but is either learned or developed by environmental changes. aquired trait
The white feathers of a snow owl allows it to camoflauge more successfully in the artic environments in which it lives. What does this best describe? adaptation
When a new species of fish evolves from an already existing species of fish because of isolation and changes in the environment, this is called? speciation
Differences in species because of changes in their genetic make-up is called? variation
When an organism produces more offspring than will actually survive? Overproduction
A physical structure that was once functional, but overtime became reduced and no longer used is called? vestigial organ
One evidence that scientists use to link geological evolution and biological evolution is? fossils
Fossils that help show similarties between ancestor fossils and modern fossils are called? Transitional fossils
Another name for genetic material is? DNA
DNA can be used to support biological evolution by showing that organisms with similar DNA sequences may have? Common Ancestry
Scientists use this to show that certain animals look very similar in their early developmental stages. Embryological similarity
This is a structure with similar traits found in different organisms NOT due to common ancestry. Analogous Structure
This is a structure with similar traits found in different organism because of common ancestry. Homologous Structure
This is what scientist use to study past climate. ice cores
This is the type of fossil that scientists use to determine the relative age of a rock layer. index fossil
This kind of change is when a new substance is created. chemical change
Metals are ? malleable
Nonmetals are? brittle
The nickname for metalloids? semi-conductor
The ability for a substance to dissolve in another is? solubility
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