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Literary Devices

Theme What the author is trying to say about the nature of the human condition
Motif A recurring image throughout a text
Personification Giving human characteristics to anything not human
Hyberbole Intentional exaggeration for emphasis
Understatement Representing less strongly or strikingly than the facts would bear out
Anecdote A short narrative account of a particular incident or event,especially of an interesting or amusing nature
Analogy A similarity between like features of two things, on which a comparison may be based
Metaphor A direct comparison between two unlike objects
Similie A comparison between two objects using either "like" or "as"
Symbol Something concrete meant to represent an abtract concept
Dramatic Irony When the reader knows something that the character doesn't
Verbal Irony When the meaning of the speaker's word is opposite from what is actually said
Situational Irony When the unexpected occurs
Imagery Vivid use of language the evokes a reader's senses ex. sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing
Allusion A specific reference to some piece of literature or some historical event/figure
Juxtaposition Placement of two opposite ideas/concepts near each other for empahsis
Antithesis Parallel structure that juxtaposes contrasting ideas
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