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Greek II test 4

Vocab and grammar for 3rd test in Greek II

ἀλλήλων of one another, of each other
ἀπαγγέλλω I report, I announce, I declare
δοκέω I think I seem
ἕκαστος each, every
ἐμος, ἐμή, ἐμόν my, mine
ἐντολή commandment
ἡμέτερος our
ὅπου where, whither
πεσοῦμαι I will fall
προσκυνέω I worship, I bow down to
πῦρ, πυρός, fire
σός, σή, σόν your
σπείρω I sow seeds
τηρέω I keep, I observe, I obey
ὕδωρ, ὔδατος water
ὑμέτερος your
φῶσ, φωτός light
ἐμαυτοῦ of myself, sg, gen
ἐμαυτῷ to myself, sg, dat
ἐμαυτόν myself sg, acc
σεαυτοῦ yourself, sg, gen
σεαυτῷ to yourself, sg dat
σεαυτόν yourself, sg acc
ἑαυτοῦ his, masc/neut sg, gen
ἑαυτῷ himself, masc/neut, sg, dat
ἑαυτόν himself, masc, sg, acc
ἑαυτῆς of herself, fem, sg, gen
ἐαυτῇ in herself, fem, sg, dat
ἑαυτήν herself, fem, sg, acc
ἑαυτὀ itself, neut, sg, acc
ἑαυτῶν their own, masc/fem/neut pl, gen
ἑαυτοῖς to themselves, masc/neut pl, dat
ἑαυτούς themselves, masc, pl, acc
ἑαυταῖς themselves, fem, pl, dat
ἑαυτάς themselves, fem, pl, acc
ἑαυτά themselves, neut, pl, acc
πᾱς everyone, masc, sg, nom
παντός every, masc/neut, sg, gen
πασντί to all, masc, neut, sg, dat
πάντα every, masc, sg, acc
πάντες all, masc, pl, nom
πάντων all, masc/neut, pl, gen
πᾱσιν for/to all, masc/neut, pl dat
πάντας everyone, masc, pl, acc
πᾱσα all, fem, sg, nom
πάσης every, fem, sg, gen
πάςῃ all, fem, sg, dat
πᾱσαν all, fem, sg, acc
πᾱσαι all, fem, pl, nom,
πασων all, fem, pl, gen
πάσαις all, fem, pl, dat
πάσας all, fem, pl, acc
πᾱν all, neut, sg, nom/acc
πάντα all, neut, pl, nom/acc
Created by: RandyBradley