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CRJU Questions 1

Exam 1 study questions

What is adjudication? The process of a court decision and the end decision
What is the ultimate goal of due process? To ensure innocent people are not convicted
How can a defendant be sentenced? With probation or prison time, concurrent or consectutively
What are the problems with UCR? There are varying definitions for crime at state level. Not all crimes have a victim.
What are the seven deadly Murder Rape Aggravated Sodomy Aggravated Child Molestation Aggravated Sexual Battery Armed Robbery Kidnapping
Who does "grab violent crime by the throat" apply to? Texas Senator Phil Grahm
Why aren't all Guilty Pleas accepted? The defendant could be covering for someone else or could have been coerced to plead guilty.
What percentage of all sentences are bargained and why? 82% To save money
Can you plea innocence at an arraignment? NO
In 1930, Congress authorized the ____ to ____. The _____ was designed to implement this program. 1. UCR 2. Survey Crime 3. FBI
Name two sources of crime statistics. 1. Uniform Crime Report (UCR) 2. National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)
What are the different components of the Grand Jury? Decides if you get into the system 23 members Experte & Secretive Majority rules decision Turn in a True Bill/No Bill Allowed to question witness
Why did crime rates increase dramatically during the 1850's and 1880's? Increased Immigration
What is another name for a preliminary hearing? Probable Cause Hearing
How long after the arrest is the first appearance made? 48 hrs without a warrant 72 hours with a warrant
What are the three different kinds of finger prints? Hoop, arch, and swirl
What information is taken in the booking process? Pictures, finger prints, address, DOB, W&H
_____ people arrested are convicted and _____ of those people face at least one year of time in prison. 1. 1/2 2. 1/4
What are the components of the Criminal Justice system? Police (Executive Branch) Courts (Judicial Branch) Corrections (Legislative Branch)
When are the Miranda Rights applicable? Before questioning
Do Criminal Justice & Criminology mean the same thing? NO
What constitutes an arrest? The inability to leave
What are the two system models of the CJS? Consensus and conflict
Name two Individual Rights Advocate organizations ACLU NAACP
What are three reasons a person may not be eligible for a bond? Up for death penalty Flight risk Danger to the public
Why did traditional crime rates increase in the 70's & 80's? More crimes were reports
How could you be released from jail? Bail Release on recognition Bond
What happened in 1992 & 1993 that made people begin to criticize the police? '92: Beating of Rodney King '93: 71 Followers of Daniel Koresh burned to death in Waco, Texas
What is the difference between probation and parole? Probation: Instead of prison Parole: After prison
What is the most influential source of public information on crime? The news
What two incidents in the mid/late 90's made people want to crack down on crime? '95: Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing '99: Columbia High School Massacre
Are Part 1 or Part 2 offenses more serious? Part 1
What was the last offense to be added to Part 1 offenses? Arson
Why are most vehicle thefts reported? Most insurance companies require a police report before they reimburse you
What is the clearance rate for vehicle theft? 12%
What are the two different kinds of assault? Simple & Aggravated
What is the different between simple and aggravated assault? Simple assaults are misdemeanors and aggravated assaults are felonies
What is Larceny? Theft
What are the three classifications for burglary? Forcible Entry Unlawful entry with no force Attempted forcible entry
What is the difference between robberies and burglaries? Robberies are personal crimes, burglary is a property crime
When and where do most burglaries take place? In vacant homes during the day
When are businesses usually burglarized? At night
What is the clearance rate for burglaries? 12%
What are Dark Figure Crimes? Crimes that aren't reported because they were buried under a more serious offense
What does Georgia law say about rape? Rape of a male is not recognized, but spousal rape is
How is clearance rate determined? Arrest without judicial disposition
What are the part 1 offences? Murder, Forcible rape, Date rape, Robbery, Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Larceny/Theft, Motor Vehicle Theft, and Arson.
Created by: SierraStabler