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Quiz 1, 211 Assessment

general overall health state weight changes? weaknesses? Malaise? Fever? Chills? Sweats? Night sweats?
skin Disease (eczema, psoriasis, hives)? Pigment changes? mole changes? Excessive bruising? Excessive dryness/diaphoresis? Rash/lesion?
Head HA? Head Injury? Syncope? Vertigo?
Nose & Sinuses discharge/characteristics? Sinus pain? Nasal obstruction? nosebleeds? Allergies/hayfever? Sense of smell changes?
eyes diplopia? vision difficulties? eye pain? Redness/swelling? Watering/discharge? Glaucoma? cataracts?
Mouth/throat Mouth pain? frequent sore throats? Bleeding gums? Toothaches? Mouth/tongue lesions? Dysphagia? Hoarseness/voice changes? altered taste?
Ears Earaches? Infections? Discharge/characteristics? tinnitus? vertigo?
hair recent loss? changes in texture?
Neck pain? Limited ROM? Lumps/swelling? Enlarged/tender nodes? Goiter?
breasts pain? lumps? nipple discharge? rash?
Respiratory system lung dz? (asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia, Tb) Chest pain when breathing? Wheezing/noisy breathing? SOB? Cough? Sputum amount/color? hemoptysis toxin/pollution exposure?
Axilla tenderness? lumps/swelling? rash?
Gastrointestinal appetite? food intolerances? dysphagia? heartburn? Indigestion? Abdominal pain? Pyrosis? Nausea/vomit? Flatulence? BM changes/characteristics? rectal bleeding? hemorrhoids/fistula?
cardiovascular precordial pain? palpitations? cyanosis? dyspnea on exertion? Orthopena? Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea? Nocturia? edema? heart murmur? HTN? CAD? Anemia?
Peripheral vascular Coldness? Numbness/tingling? leg swelliing? hands/feet discoloring? Varicose veins? intermittent claudication? thrombophlebitis? Ulcers?
Urinary Frequency per day? Night? Urgency? Pain? Polyuria? <500mL Oliguria? >400mL Hesitancy? Narrowing of stream? Change in color/clarity? Incontinence? Kidney dz (stones, UTI, Prostate)? Pain in flank/groin/suprapubic region/low back?
Male genital penis/testicular pain? sores/lesions? Discharge? Lumps? Hernia?
Female Genitelia Menstruation hx? vaginal itching/discharge? postmenopausal bleeding? last PAP exam?
Sexual health currently having sexual intercourse? using b/c? method? has partner had any STDs?
musculoskeletal system arthritis/gout? joint paint/stiffness/swelling? Deformities? Limited ROM? noise with joint movement? muscle pain/cramping/weakness? steady gait? back pain?
Neurologic system History seizure disorder? fainting/stroke/blackouts? weakness/tremors/tics? paralysis/coordination problems? Memory problems? mood changes/depression/hallucinations?
Hemotologic system bleeding tenancies? excessive bruising? node swelling? radiation/toxin exposure? blood transfusions?
Endocrine system DM? (polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia)? Thyroid dz? Intolerance to heat/cold? Change skin pigment/texture? Excessive sweating? Abnormal hair distribution? Nervousness? Tremors?
How many systems in ROS (10) respiratory system cardiovascular systems gastrointestinal systems urinary system male genital system female genital system musculoskeletal system neurological system endocrine system hematopoiectic system