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Flash cards for the first exam in CRJU

Public Order Advocate One who believes the interests of society should take value over individual rights in the event of a threat to public safety
Administration of Justice Actions pertaining to the accused persons or criminal offenders. ex. detention, release, prosecution, rehab, etc.
Preliminary Hearing Determines whether the defendant committed a crime within he territorial jurisdiction of the court
Crime A violation of the criminal laws of a state for which there is no legally acceptable justification
Criminology The study of the causes, prevention, and rehab and punishment for crime
Social Order The city of Townsville...
Social Disorganization ...IS UNDER ATTACK!!
Social Justice Civilized life based on cultural beliefs about right and wrong
Civil Justice All of the procedures and activities having to do with private rights and remedies sought by civil action
Evidence-Based Practice Crime-fighting tactics that have been tested based on social science research
Information Formal accusation submitted by a prosecutor
Consensus Model The idea that the different components of the CJ system work together harmoniously
Criminal Justice The law of criminal procedure and the spectrum of procedures having to do with enforcement of said laws
Booking Official recording of an entry into detention after arrest and the factors of the arrest
Grand Jury A group of jurors who have been selected by law
Individual Rights Rights guaranteed to all members of American society by the U.S. Constitution
Individual Rights Advocate One who seeks to protect personal freedoms throughout the process of criminal justice
Justice The ideas of right and wrong
Multiculturalism Diversity
Probable Cause Evidence that would cause a reasonably intelligent and prudent person to believe the accused committed the alleged crime
Criminal Justice System All of the operating, administrative, or technical divisions that perform criminal justice functions
Due Process Model Emphasis on individual rights at all stages of justice system processing
Bail The Charge of money/property deposited with or to the court for release from legal custody
Concurrent Sentence Added sentences to a person already under a separate sentence served at the same time
Mala in Se Actions that are inherently wrong in themselves
Conflict Model The idea that the criminal justice system functions on a self-serving basis
Consecutive Sentences Added sentences to a person already under a separate sentence that add to the offender's max time
Mala Prohibita Actions that are wrong because the government says so
Due Process Protection of individual rights
Trial Examination in court of facts relevant in a case to determine whether or not the defendant will be convicted or acquitted
Indictment A formal accusation submitted to the court by a grand jury
Arraignment When the identity of the defendant is established, the defendant is informed of their charges & rights, and a plea is entered by the defendant
Warrant A writ issued by a judicial officer directing law enforcement to perform a specified act and provides involved officers protection
Social Control Use of punishment and reward within a group to influence the behaviors of the members of the group
Created by: SierraStabler