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Latin StudyStacks

Wheelock's Latin Chapter 37 Vocabulary

Athenae, -arum f., pl., Athens
domus, -us (-i); domi; domum; domo f., house, home; at home; (to) home; from home
humus, -i f., ground, earth; soil
iter, itineris n., journey; route, road
rus, ruris n., the country, countryside
Syracusae, -arum f., pl., Syracuse
gratus, -a, -um pleasing, agreeable; grateful
idoneus, -a, -um suitable, fit, appropriate
immotus, -a, -um unmoved; unchanged; unrelenting
foris adv., outside
eo, ire, ii, itum to go
abeo, -ire, -ii, -itum to depart, leave
adeo, -ire, -ii, -itum to approach
exeo, -ire, -ii, -itum to exit
ineo, -ire, -ii, -itum to enter
obeo, -ire, -ii, -itum to go up against, meet; die
pereo, -ire, -ii, -itum to pass away, be destroyed, perish
redeo, -ire, -ii, -itum to return
interficio, -ficere, -feci, -fectum to murder
licet, licere, licuit it is permitted, one may (see book notes)
peregrinor, peregrinari, peregrinatus sum to travel abroad, wander
requiesco, -quiescere, -quievi, -quietum to rest
soleo, solere, solitus sum to be accustomed
Created by: warthorn