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engilsh chap 2

vocab words

almagamation comes from Arabic meaning t"to mix or combine into a unified whole", the verb for is "to amalgamate"
admixture means that same as mixture,come from Latin meaning "mix with"
eclectic from the Greek word for "select", this adjective means "made up from a variety of sources"
catolic with a lower case "c", it means comprehensive" or "of broad scope" come from old french word for "universal"
motley it comes from the middle English word for "variegated cloth"
corroborate this verb brings out support an idea or argument
asunder adverb,which literally means "apart" or into "separate pieces"
dispora refers to the dispersion of the Jews from 6th century b.c
cleave it means :to spit" or "to cut" or "penetrate"
disseminate it means to scatter widely or to disperse as in "sowing seed"