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Energy for Kallay

2 Sources of Energy Renewable - Nonrenewable
5 types of renewable energy Solar, Wind, Hydropower, Biomass(burn organic matter), Geothermal (heat from under the earth)
5 types of nonrenewable energy Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, Petroleum, Nuclear
7 Forms of Energy Mechanical, Thermal, Chemical, Electrical, Sound, Light, Nuclear
Example of Mechanical Energy Gears on a bike, rolling a bowling ball
Example of Thermal Energy Oven, People, Electrical Appliances
Example of Chemical Energy Digesting Food, Respiration
Example of Electrical Energy Outlet, TV, Lamp
Example of Sound Energy Drop a bowling ball, slap hands, talking
Example of Light Energy Light Bulb, Traffic Lights, TV
Example of Nuclear Energy Sun, Stars, Radioactive atoms and elements
2 States of Energy Potential, Kinetic
Define Potential Energy and give an example The energy an object has because of it's potential; At the top of a hill a roller coaster has potential energy
Define Kinetic Energy and give an example The energy of motion; Going down the hill on a roller coaster
When energy is stored it is called? Potential Energy
When energy is moving it is called? Kinetic Energy
List Energy Transformation from the Sun to your TV Sun-Plants-Coal-Power Plant-Turbine-Transformer-Powerlines-House-TV
Define Energy The ability to do work
What do we measure energy in? (Units) Joules/Newton-Meters
Energy associated with motion is called what? Mechanical (Kinetic
The internal motion of atoms is called? Thermal Energy
Sound is what kind of energy? Mechanical (Kinetic)
Which energy source cannot be replaced? nonrenewable resources
What type of fuel is formed from buried plants? Fossil Fuels
How do you calculate work? Work = Force x distance W=FD
How do you calculate Power? Power = (Force x Distance) / Time
How do you calculate Potential Energy? PE = MGH M=Mass, G=accelaration due to gravity, H=Height
How do you calculate Kinetic Energy? KE = 1/2m(v squared)
Define Friction and give three examples? The force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are touching. 1. Striking a match 2. Flying a Kite 3. Sanding Wood
What does Friction always produce? Heat
What are two factors that affect Friction and the amount of heat it generates? 1. Soft material produces more friction and heat than hard materials 2. Larger surfaces rubbing against each other produce more friction and heat than smaller surfaces
What are two more factors that affect Friction and the amount of heat it generates? 3. Rough surfaces produce more friction and heat than smooth surfaces. 4. High pressure between surfaces causes more friction and heat than lower pressure surfaces.
Law of Conservation of Energy? Energy cannot be created or destroyed
Define Closed System? When a group of objects only transfer energy to each other
When a roller coaster moves, what helps overcome friction? Energy
What causes some of the potential energy of a moving roller coaster to be converted to thermal energy? Friction
Name 3 locations where there is friction on a roller coaster? 1. between the wheels and the track 2. Between the cars (crashing and bumping) 3. Between the air and the cars
On a roller coaster, where is potential energy the greatest? Top of the first hill
Define an Open System? When energy is transferred from one object to another
Why is walking on ice hard? The smooth surface generates little friction
What type of energy is always produced when energy is converted from one form to another? Thermal Energy
What kind of energy does the sun give off? Radiant and thermal
Is it possible to avoid friction? No
What is a Wave? A disturbance that transfers energy from place to place
What are 3 common places we experience waves? Water, Sound, Light
How do the particles in Longitudinal Waves move? Paralllel to the direction the wave is moving
How do the particles in Transverse Waves move? They move at right angles to the direction of the wave travel
What is Frequency and what are the units it's measured in? The number of waves produced in a given time period. Measured in Hertz
What is Wavelength? The length of a wave measured from crest to crest
What is Amplitude? The height or depth of a wave
A ___________ energy wave is characterized by ___________ amplitude High or Low. Think Big Fast Boat = Big Waves
What is diffraction? The tendency of waves to bend around corners
What are Compressions? The part of a longitudinal wave where the particles of the medium are close together
What are Rarefactions? The part of a longitudinal wave where the particles of the medium are far apart
What are the parts of a Wave? Crest, Trough, Wavelength, Amplitude, Resting point
What happens to the frequency of waves when you increase the rate of vibration? Frequency increases
What happens to the wavelength when you increase the rate of vibration? The wavelength decreases
What is the relationship between wavelength and frequency? The higher the frequency, the smaller the wavelength
What is the highest point of a wave Crest
What is the lowest point of a wave? Trough
What causes a movement that creates a wave or repeating motion? Vibration
The number of waves per second? Hertz
The height of a wave Amplitude
The change of position of an object? Motion
The number of cycles or periods per unit of time? Frequency
What is energy disturbance that travels through a medium? Wave
Created by: erickben