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Career Builder

Vocabulary build up

Word Power Made Easy 1-3MeaningWord Power Made Easy 4-6Meaning
Anthropologist human development obstetrician Child Birth
misanthrope hates people pediatrician infants
ambidextrous both hands dermatologist skin
misogamist hates marriage opthalmologist eyes
introvert leave me alone; inside orthopedist Foot/skeleton system
gauche awkward cardiologist Heart
altruist help others; neurologist Nervous system
extrovert togetherness psychiatrist Behavioral disturbance
monogamy one; faithful taxidermy Stuffing of skin of animals
ambivert neither extreme;inward-outward thoughts pedagogy Principles of teaching
misogynist hates women demagoguery Stirring up discontent among the masses
philanthropist love of mankind pachyderm Elephant
gynecologist female ailments optician Lens grinder
polygyny multiple wives at one time geriatric Specialty dealing w/particular med. needs of elderly
ascetric doesn't pursue pleasure of the flesh cardiogram Records of heart beats
polyandry more than one husband at one time psychosis Mental unbalance
adroit quick and skillful in body and mind binoculars Field glasses that increase the range of two eyes
dexterity skillful monocle One lens eyeglass
sinister evil, threatening dermatitis Skin inflammation
egocentric fixated on his/her own needs neurosis Emotional disturbance
altercation argument optics Lens
alternate to take one-skip one etc. intern Medical graduate serving his/her apprenticeship/inside
egomaniac obsession preoccupation with self hypodermic Under the skin
egotist Conceited; talks about one's self accomplish. internist Physical examiner/diagnosis;internal organs
bigamy more than one; two spouses gynecologist Female reproductive organs
Created by: Donna84