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4th Science Matter

Chapters 5-6 Matter and Energy

smallest piece of a substance that still has the qualities of that substance molecule
anything that takes up space and has weight matter
to move back and forth vibrate
hot water vapor steam
the two atoms which make up water hydrogen and oxeygen
has no shape of its won but fills up a certain amount of space liquid
has a definite shape and fills up a certain amount of space solid
has no shape and does not fill up a fixed amount of space gas
molecules are closest together solid
molecules move the fastest gas
to get smaller contract
a push or pull force
the ability to do work energy
the force which draws things toward the center of the earth gravity
energy that is stored potential energy
molecules _____ _______ when they are heated speed up
The melting point of water is ____. 32 degrees
Water begins to _______ just before is freezes expand
________ is done when an object is moved work
In order to lift things you mist exert ______ force than gravity does on that object more
Most liquids _______ as they get colder contract
although solids exert pressure, liquids and gasses do not? false
Air is not matter fasle
You do not feel air pressing down on you because pressure on all sides of you is equal true
Warm air rises true
The sun heats the air more than it heats the land false
Wind helps to even out the earth's temperature true
sure at the top of a high mountain is equal to air pressure at sea level false
Every place on Earth receives the same amount of heat or cold because the Earth rotates false
clear enough to see through transparent
the gas that plants take from the air in order to make food carbon dioxide
the layer of air that surrounds the Earth (did you notice that in the book they din't capitalize Earth?) atmosphere
the gas most of the air is made out of nitrogen
the state of matter air exists in naturally gas
the gas people need to breathe and create energy oxygen
water vapor in the air humidity
the process of water becoming a vapor evaporation
any form of water that falls from the clouds precipitation
the process of water vapor becoming a liquid condensation
water changing from a liquid to a solid or gas and to a liquid to a solid or gas over and over again water cycle
the point at which water condenses dew point
water vapor that condenses on cool objects on the ground dew
water vapor that condenses in a cloud and falls rain
frozen water vapor on the ground frost
water vapor that freezes in a cloud snow (I want some snow so bad! we even have sleds:[)
rain or melted snow that falls trough a layer of freezing air sleet
what fraction of water covers the Earth? 3/4
______ is anything that takes up space and has weight matter
_______ are the smallest pieces of a substance that still has the qualities of a substance molecules
water is made of hydrogen and ______ oxygen
Molecules in ______ are packed the closest together solids
molecules in ______ are the fastest (vrooom, vroooom!) gases
A ______ has no shape of its won and does not fill up a fixed amount of space gas
Because water has a high _______ ________ objects will float on it surface tension
water changes to ice at the temperature ______ 32
______ causes molecules to move faster Heat
what is the ability to do work energy
What is a push or pull on an object force
What is the force which draws things toward the center of the Earth gravity
What supplies the energy in steam heat
What gas makes up most air nitrogen
How far does the atmosphere extend? 1,000 miles
What does the weight of the atmosphere create air pressure
What is the process by which liquid water becomes water vapor evaporation
What is the process of changing water vapor back into liquid water called condensation
a rain or storm cloud nimbus
any form of water that falls from clouds to earth precipitation
the amount of water vapor in the air humidity
frozen water vapor formed in clouds snow!
the temperature at which water condenses dew point
a large body of air that has the same temperature and humidity air mass
the temperature at which water boils 212'F
Frozen rain drops that have been blown back into the cloud to form more frozen layers and back down and repeats over and over again tel it gets to heavy hail
a cloud on the ground fog
to move rapidly back and forth vibrate
a boxlike chamber in the air passage in you throat larynx
the speed of sound 1,100 feet per second
two stretchy bands of tissue inside the larynx vocal cords
Sound waves travel best trough air solids
Sound waves cannot travel at all trough empty space true
As sound waves travel away from their source of the sound, they become weaker. true
Sound waves travel trough all tree states of matter true
Sound is produced when an object vibrates true
The tighter your vocal cords are pulled, the lower your voice will be false
_______ refers to the highness or lowness of a sound pitch (play ball!)
A reflected sound that is heard again is called and ______ echo
Ultrasonic sound waves are to _______ for humans to hear high
An ultrasonic device used by battle ships and regular ships is called ______ sonar
sound travels ______ than light slower
Sound is a form of _______ energy
Sound waves _______ travel through empty space cannot
speech is produced by the vibrations of the _____. vocal cords
The ______ ear includes the hammer, anvil, and stirrup middle
the auditory _______ carries the message of sound to the brain nerve
When an object vibrates very rapidly , the sounds produced have a ______ pitch higher
the _______ frequency that the human ear can hear is 20 vibrates a second lowest
_____ and dolphins hear the highest frequency sounds bats
materials with soft, uneven surfaces tend to _____ sounds. absourb
the ___ "sees" with its ears bats
the inventor of the phonograph Thomas Edison
________ are the only animals that have visible ears Mammals
the inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell
the man who proved that sound waves travel only through matter Robert Boyle
What is a reflected sound that is heard again? echo
What is the snail-shaped part of the ear that contains the actual organ of hearing cochlea
Sonar is used for... determining the depth of the water and locating objects in the sea
Two ears are better than one because they help you tell which direction a sound is coming from.
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