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CNA Vocab

CNA Vocabulary Practice (only words begining with A)

Abandonment leaving resident unattended
Abduction away from the midline of the body
Abrasion a scraping or rubbing off of skin
Abuse the infliction of any type of injury or harm
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) any activity that is preformed in one's life on a daily basis
Acute developing rapidly with pronounced symptoms and lasting a short time
Adduction towards the midline of the body
Advance Directive a document that designates the resident's wishes in the event that he/she is not ablle to speak for hisself/herself
Advocate a person who defends someone else
Afebrile without fever
Agitation vocal or motor behaviors such as shouting, fidgeting, pacing, screaming, or wandering
Agnosia loss of the ability to recognize familiar objects
Ambulation ability to walk
Anterior towards the front
Anus outlet of the rectum
Aphasia language difficulty due to brain damage
Apical Pulse the pulse at the apex of the heart
Apraxia loss of the ability to carry out planned movements at will
Arteries blood vessels that carry bood away from the heart
Arteriosclerosis loss of elasticity in the walls of the blood vessels
Arthritis inflamation of the joint
Asepsis the absence of germs
Aseptic the absence of microorganisms
Aspiration to draw fluid or object into the lungs when breathing
Atrophy wasting away of muscle tissue leading to weakness
Created by: Gailynn
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