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Rock Cycle wes

Igneous rock comes from _______________ cooled magma
Sedimentary rock forms in: layers
Metamorphic rock has ____________ or bands of colors running through it. streaks
What does morph mean? change
What does ignite (igneous) mean? fire
A sedimentary rock might have a __________ in it. fossil
What type of rock is marble? metamorphic
What type of rock is granite and basalt? igneous
What type of rock is sandstone and limestone? sedimentary
Metamorphic rock undergoes heat and _______________ pressure
Sedimentary rock forms from weathering and ____________ erosion
What causes most erosion on earth? water
Besides water, what else causes erosion on earth? wind, gravity, plant roots, animals
What is the "breaking down" of rock called? weathering
What is the "carrying away" of rock called? erosion
Mountains that are smooth and rounded over are: old
Moutains that are sharp and jagged are: young
Which igneous rock is found under most of the continents? granite
Which igneous rock is found under most of the oceans? basalt
Which rock type is formed in layers at the bottom of ocean? sedimentary
Any solid that sinks to the bottom of a liquid is called: sediment
What animal undergoes metamorphosis? caterpillar
What rock has to be present for caves and caverns to form? limestone
What dissolve limestone? carbonic acid
The words "LITHOS" come from the Greek word for: rock
The process after weathering and erosion when sediment comes to rest in a certain place: deposition
The process in which rocks are formed and broken down is called the: rock cycle
The thinnest layer of the earth: crust
In what layer of the earth do earthquakes occur? crust
Created by: PRO Teacher lit123