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Oral Meds

Trade: salicylate Generic: Aspirin
Trade: docusate sodium Generic: Colace
Trade: furosemide Generic: Lasix
Trade: levofloxacin Generic: Levaquin
Trade: diltiazem Generic: Cardizem
Trade: potassium Generic: Micro K or K-Dur (HIGH ALERT)
Trade: digoxin Generic: Lanoxin (HIGH ALERT)
Classification for Aspirin Antipyretic Analgesic Anti-coagulant Anti-inflammation
Classification of Colace Stool softener Does not stimulate intestinal peristalsis
Classification of Lasix Loop Diuretic
Classification of Levaquin Anti-infective Commonly used for: Urinary Tract Infection Skin Infection Bone&Joint Infection Respiratory Infection
Classification of Cardizem Antihypertensive Anti-anginal Reduces heart rate in flutter or fibrillation
Classification of Micro K / K-Dur Mineral & Electrolyte supplement
Classification of Lanoxin Anti-Arrhythmic: Treats the arrhythmias: ~atrial fibrillation ~atrial flutter
Action of Aspirin 325-1000 mg/day common for relieving pain 81-325 mg daily prevent platelet aggregation "Relieves pain" "Thins the blood so it flows more easily"
Action of Colace Promotes incorporation of water into stool resulting in softer fecal mass and easier passage of stool "Helps to soften stool"
Action of Lasix Diuretic "Helps the body get rid of excess fluid"
Action of Levaquin Kills susceptible bacteria "Kills bacteria that cause infections"
Action of Cardizem Vasodilation - resulting in decreased BP and slow pulse Decreases attack of angina
Action of Micro K/ K-Dur Essential to transmission of nerve impulses (esp. the heart) Given to clients taking Lasix "helps the nerves send signals throughout the body."
Action of Lanoxin Increases the force of myocardial contraction and slows rate which increases Cardiac output (CO) "Helps the hear treat stronger and slower"
Contraindications of Aspirin History of GI bleed or gastric ulcers
Contraindications of Colace Abdominal pain N/V Prolonged or excess use can lead to dependence
Contraindications of Lasix Use cautiously in patients with low BP and liver disease
Contraindications of Levaquin Liver or renal impairment
Contraindications of Cardizem Systolic BP less than 90 or a pulse less than 60 Use cautiously if liver impaired
Contraindications of Micro K/ K-Dur Severe renal impairment
Contraindications of Lanoxin Causes an arrhythmia, for example: bradycardia
Side Effects of Aspirin Tinnitus Epigastric distress/nausea GI bleed Unusual bleeding of gums Prolongs blood thinning for 4-7 days
Side Effects of Colace Mid abdominal cramps Diarrhea
Side Effects of Lasix Dehydration; dry mouth Hypovolemia Loss of electrolytes particularly Potassium
Side Effects of Levaquin CNS symptoms: dizziness, seizures, headache, insomnia Arrhythmias Diarrhea
Side Effects of Cardizem Hypotension Peripheral edema Crackles in lungs Weight gain
Side Effects of Micro K/ K-Dur Abdominal pain, flatulence Nausea/vomit/diarrhea (NVD)
Side Effects of Lanoxin Fatigue, anorexia N/V bradycardia
RN Implication & Pt Education for Aspirin Ppl w/ asthma @ risk for developing allergic reaction Do not crush or chew enteric coated tables Administer w/ meals/food/antacids to reduce gastric irritation Take with full glass of water Remain upright for 15-30min LAB LOOKOUT: Bleeding time 1-3 min
RN Implication & Pt Education for Colace Assess client for abdominal distention and presence of bowel sounds Assess color, consistency and amount of stool produced Administer w/ a full glass of water or juice. May be taken on an empty stomach for more rapid results
RN Implication & Pt Education for Lasix Assess fluid status daily: Weight, I&O, lung sounds, skin turgor LAB LOOKOUT: Potassium: 3.5-5.5 mEq/L Sodium: 135-145mEq/L Calcium: 4.5-5.5mEq/L Magnesium: 1.5-2.5mEq/L
RN Implication & Pt Education for Levaquin Assess pt's infection status BEFORE beginning med to identify if the med is effective in treating the infection Collect any specimen ordered by doctor before starting antibiotic. Specimens come form the area of infection LAB LOOKOUT: 5,000-10,000 WBC
RN Implication & Pt Education for Cardizem Take BP & apical pulse prior to giving med Hold med if systolic BP <90 and pulse <60 LAB LOOKOUT: Hypokalemia increase risk or arrhythmias
RN Implication & Pt Education for Micro K/ K-Dur Tablets and capsules should be taken with meal and full glass of water. DO NOT CHEW OR CRUSH ENTERIC COATED OR EXTENDED-RELASE TABLET OR CAPSULE LAB LOOKOUT: abnormal K+ levels (high or low) can cause arrhythmias
RN Implication & Pt Education for Lanoxin Take apical pulse for 1min before giving med. Hold if pulse <60 and notify doctor LAB LOOKOUT: use cautiously in hypokalemia or hypercalcemia b/c of ↑ risk of toxicity. Toxicity S/S= abdominal pain, anorexia, nausea/vomit,visual disturbances,bradycardia
Name two meds that need to check pulse/BP before administration 1) Cardizem 2) Lanoxin
Name two meds that are HIGH ALERT 1) Micro K/ K-Dur 2) Lanoxin
Created by: kangofu3