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Latin 7

ALL Adjectives

albus, alba white
amicus, amica friendly
beatus, beata happy, blessed
mirus, mira strange, wonderful
notus, nota well-known, famous
periculosus, periculosa dangerous
pulcher, pulchra handsome, beautiful
quietus, quieta quiet
carus, cara dear
clarus, clara clear, bright, famous
impiger, impigra ambitious
iratus, irata angry
laetus, laeta happy
miser, misera unhappy, poor, wretched
piger, pigra lazy
densus, densa thick
gratus, grata pleasing, grateful
invidiosus, invidiosa jealous
liber, libera free
superbus, superba proud, arrogant
territus, territa frightened
mortuus, mortua dead
inimicus, inimica unfriendly
optimus, optima excellent
bonus, bona good
peritus, perita skilled
validus, valida strong
egregius, egregia outstanding, distinguished
maestus, maesta sad
aeger, aegra sick
vivus, viva lively
benignus, benigna kind
ferus, fera wild, untamed
rufus, ruba red-headed
longus, longa tall
brevis, brevis short
crassus, crassa fat
Created by: hflmagistra