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Wise Choices

Reading study

True or False Mindless reading is the act of running your eyes over a page and not recalling a thing you read. TRUE
True or False Active reading is characterized by relaxed mental engagement in what you are reading. FALSE- characterized by intense mental engagement
True or False When reading mindfully, you are actively collecting key concepts, ideas and supporting details. TRUE
True or False The opposite of mindless reading is steady reading. False- opposite of mindless reading is active reading.
True or False A Key Concept is the main idea you are reading about. True
True or False A main idea is the least important idea the author wants to convey about a key concept. False- Most important idea the author wants
What is the act of running your eyes over a page only to realize you don't recall anything? A. Mindless reading B. Active reading C. Relaxed reading D. Steady reading A. Mindless reading
What is the fastest way to preview the outline of your entire reading? A.Index B. Table of Contents C. End of chapter D. Visual elements B. Table of Contents
What do you look for when searching for key concepts and ideas? A. Bold B. Italics C. Color D. All of the above D. All of the above
How do poor readers read? A. read ideas B. Groups of words C. One word at a time D. Chunks C. One word at a time
What do you use when you don't know the meaning of a key word? A. Dictionary B. Google C.Phone D. Ask Friends A. Dictionary
What elaborates on a main idea by answering questions that readers may have about it? A. First idea B. Third idea C. Secondary idea D. Fourth idea C. Secondary Idea
A _______ is the main topic you are reading about. Key Concept
A _______ is the most important idea the author wants to convoy about a key concept. Main Idea
Each idea (main or secondary) is typically followed by ________ such as examples, evidence, explanation, and experiences. Supporting idea
Students increased their reading speed up to ______percent simply by concentrating on reading as fast as they could while understanding. 50
Use a ________ when you don't know the meaning of a key word. Dictionary
Every reader needs to revisit ______ pages to understand them fully. Difficult
Short Answer Question What is the best way to understand key words? The best way to understand key words would to be start a vocabulary list or create a deck of index cards with key words on one side and definition on the other.
Short Answer Question What should you do when you come across reading difficult pages you don't understand? You should reread the pages you find difficult multiple times so you can understand them fully.
Created by: jshives6