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Stack #147941

No Flames If flammable materials are present make sure there are no flame sparks or exspose sources of heat
Physical Safety Physical use caution to avoid injury to your self or others. if ther is any reason that you should notparticipate, tell the teacher
Safety goggles Always wear safety goggles
Lab Apron labortory apron protects your skin and clothing from harmful chemicals or hot material
Plastic Golves Wear disposable palstic gloves to protect yourself from contact with chemicals
Heating use clamps or tungs to hold hot objects.
Heat- resistant gloves hot plates,hot water and hot glassware can cause burns
Flames tie back long hair and loose clothing and put on safety goggles before using a burner.
No Flames If flammable material are present make sure there are no flames, sparks or exspose sources of heat.
Electric Shock never use electrical equipement near water or when equipement or hands are wet.
Fragile glassware handle fragile glassware such as thermometer, test tubes,and beakers with care.
Corrosive Chemicals/Poision Do not let any corrosive or poisionous chemicals get on your skin and don't inhale it's vapor.
Fumes avoid inhaling a vapor directly, use a wafting motion to direct vapor towards your nose.
Sharp obects use sharp instrument only as directed.
Disposal all chemicals and other materials use in the labortory must be dispose of safely.
Hand washing before leaving the lab wash your hands.
Created by: Loterewl