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My GeographyTerms #2

My Geography Terms

Natural Environment All living/non-living things existing on Earth
Climate Weather conditions in a certain region
Atmosphere the envelope of gases that surround our planet
Natural Vegetation vegetation that grows in certain areas without human intervention.
Culture the features in a people's way of life
Landform any natural feature on Earth's surface(ex. mountains, valleys, etc.)
Language Pattern a branch of languages descended from one or more languages
Infrastructure the system of ports, roads, and other facilities needed by a modern economy
Elevation the altitude above sea level/ground level
Ecosystem a community of plants, animals, and other organisms
Weather the atmosphere's condition at a certain time & place
Biomes a large community made up of specific organisms that occupy a certain region
Glaciers Thick colossal bodies of ice that are found in arctic areas
Groundwater water found below the ground
Soil the portion of the earth's surface made up of broken-down rocks and humus
Hydrosphere the waters that surround the Earth.
Lithosphere The rock/crust that surround the Earth.
Biosphere The part of the Earth that includes all its life forms.
Gross Domestic Product the total value of goods/services created within a country; GDP
Life Expectancy the number of years that a general number of people are expected to live
Total Population the total number of individuals in any given area
History the study of past events
Landscape scenery of places on Earth; includes physical,human,cultural features
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