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CNA Terminology

Medical Terminology

Medical TerminologyMeaning
a, an without or not
ab away from
ad toward
ante before,forward
anti against
auto self
bi double,two
brady slow
circum around
contra against,opposite
de down from,away from,not
dia across,through,apart
dis separate,away from
dys bad,difficult,abnormal
ecto outer, outside
en in, into, within
endo inner,inside
epi over,on,upon
eryth red
ex out,out of,from,away from
hyper excessive, too much, high
hemi half
hypo under, decreased, less than normal
in in, into, within, not
inter between
intra within
intro into,within
leuk white
macro large
mal bad,illness,disease
mega large
micro small
mono one,single
neo new
non not
olig small,scant
para similar,beside
per by,through
peri around
poly many,much
post after,behind
pre before,in front of,prior to
pro before,in front of
re again
retro backward
semi half
sub under
super above, over, excess
supra above, over
tachy fast, rapid
trans across
uni one
abdomino abdomen
adeno gland
adreno adrenal gland
angio vessel
arterio artery
arthro joint
broncho bronchus,bronchi
card,cardio heart
cephalo head
chole,cholo bile
chondro cartilage
colo colon,large intestine
costo rib
cranio skull
cyano blue
cystoo bladder,cyst
cyto cell
dento tooth
derma skin
duodeno duodenum
encephalo brain
entero intestines
fibro fiber,fibrous
gastro stomach
glosso tongue
gluco sweetness,glucose
glyco sugar
gyn,gyne,gyneco woman
hem,hema,hemo,hemato blood
hepat liver
hydro water
hystero uterus
ileo,ilio ileum
laparo abdomen,loin,flank
laryngo larynx
litho stone
mammo breast,mammary gland
masto mammary gland,breast
meno menstruation
myo muscle
myelo spinal cord,bone marrow
necro death
nephro kidney
neuro nerve
oculo eye
oophoro ovary
ophthalmo eye
ortho straight,normal,correct
osteo bone
oto ear
pedo child,foot
pharynago pharynx
phelbo vein
pnea breathing,respiration
pneumo lung,air,gas
procto rectum
psycho mind
pulmo lung
pyo pus
recto rectum
rhino nose
salpingo Eustachian tube, uterine tube
spleno spleen
steno arrow,constriction
stomato mouth
thermo heat
thoraco chest
thrombo clot,thrombo
urethro urethra
urino urine
uro urine,urinary tract,urination
utero uterus
vaso blood vessel,vasdeferens
veno vein
vertebro spine,vertebrae
algia pain
asis condition,usually abnormal
cele hernia,herniation,pouching
centesis puncture and aspiration of
cyte cell
ectasis dilation,stretching
ectomy excision,removal of
emia blood condition
genesis development,production,creation
genic producing,causing
gram record
graph a diagram,a recording instrument
graphy making a recording
iasis condition of
ism a condition
itis inflammation
logy the study of
lysis destruction of,decomposition
megaly enlargement
meter measuring instrument
metry measurement
oma tumor
osis condition
pathy disease
penia lack,deficiency
phasia speaking
phobia an exaggerated fear
plasty surgical reshaping or repair
plegia paralysis
ptosis falling,sagging,dropping,down
rrhage,rrhagia excessive flow
rrhaphy stitching,suturing
rrhea profuse flow,discharge
scope examination instrument
scopy examination using a scope
stasis maintenance,maintaining a constant level
stomy,ostomy creation of an opening
tomy,otomy incision,cutting into
uria condition of the urine
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