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World Geog Unit 1

The process by which water vapor changes from a gas into liquid droplets is called. Condensation
What are the three processes that create landforms? tectonic activity, erosion,and weathering
How do mountains influence climate? the orographic effect
The hydrologic cycle is driven by solar energy, winds, and gravity
Increased levels of carbon dioxide appear to be a factor in global warming
What is not a result of flooding? drowning livestock, land erosion, pollution of drinking water, or leaching of soil leaching of soil
What causes acid rain? chemicals in air pollution
True or False: When a hurricane moves inland it becomes weaker. True
All of the following are fossil fuels except: oil, coal, gas, or wood wood
All of the following are renewable energy sources except coal power, solar energy, wind power, water power coal power
What region is known for having the most tornados? the Middle Latitudes.
What type of climates have the most diverse ecosystems? tropical climates
The condition of the atmosphere at a given time and place is called______. weather
When winter snows to not melt the following summer, this creates __________. glacier ice
A deep valley marking a plate collision is called a _______. trench
Where can you find most desert climate regions located? 30 degrees north and south of the eqator
All of the following are ways to transport water except for: canals, aqueducts, aquifers, rivers aquifers
The Mediterranean climate receives the most rainfall during which season? winter
Forests do all of the following except: provide habitats for many species, provide useful products, protect soil from erosion, or increase soil salinization increase soil salinzation
What is a savanna? an areas of tropical grasslands, scattered trees, and shrubs
All of these are middle-latitude climates except: marine west coast, tropical humid, humid continental, mediterranean tropical humid
When you recycle it decreases consumption of nonrenewable resources and pollution, also it reduces the damage to the environment
Wave erosion only affects places located along a coastline
Lakes can form from the following activities: glaciers, continental rifts, and volanoes
Why is it important for people to understand and learn about climates? Think about this topic and be prepared to discuss your own answer based on what you have learned.
How does increase population on the planet affect natural resources? it creates a strain on the resources that we have
Created by: vderoner